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Thank you for your interest in our firm. I’d like to briefly explain what has recently happened in the rare coin market and what you can expect in the future. I’d like to explain all the special services we offer you.

We’re very excited about the prospects for the rare coin market. But, as always, certain coins have more potential than others. That’s where the INSIDE VIEW comes in. In each issue of the INSIDE VIEW we focus on the areas that we feel have the best potential. We want to prove to you how valuable the information in each INSIDE VIEW can be to you. We’ve enclosed several special reports in which David explains our view of the current situation. I think you’ll enjoy and benefit from reading David’s views and recommended strategies.


The rare coin market offers you some very significant benefits. Rare coins offer you all of the following:

              1. Superb hedge. Rare coins offer an excellent hedge against the possible decline in value of paper assets. There are actually two ways in which this hedge works. First of all, there are several scenarios under which moderate decline in stock market values would be accompanied by significant gains in rare coin prices. In other words, rare coins offer a hedge against declining stock market prices. After the greatest bull market in stock market history, it would certainly make sense to hedge some of your stock market “paper profits” and put some of those profits into the rare coin market. The second way that rare coins offer a hedge against the possible declining value of paper assets is a pure inflation hedge. Over the decades, rare coins have been a premier inflation hedge. The long-term rate of growth of prices for top quality rare coins exceeds inflation rates by a large margin.

              2. High potential, moderate risk gold play. Rare gold coins (and to a certain extent, rare silver coins) offer an incredible double edge gold bullion play. It works like this. Since 1970, every time that gold bullion has made a significant move, prices for top quality rare gold coins have increased many multiples of the percentage of increase for gold bullion. On the other hand, when gold bullion prices decline, prices for rare gold and silver coins usually do not fall anywhere near as far or as fast as prices of other gold influenced assets. In other words, rare gold (and silver) coins offer you much more upside potential than gold bullion.

              3. Long term appreciating asset. For the long term, rare coins have a superb price appreciation track record. The rare coin market moves in cycles and certainly has its ups and downs. But it’s interesting that in every cycle of the past 30 years, the highs have been higher than the previous lows. That’s a classic definition of an appreciating asset. Additionally, the average rate of return for rare coins is equal to or exceeds nearly every other long-term appreciating asset including stocks and real estate.

             4. Anonymous. In these days of increasing government intrusion into the private affairs of its citizens, rare coins offer an attractive degree of anonymity. There are no reporting requirements in the rare coin market. Whatever you do with your rare coins is your business as far as we are concerned. We don’t even have to know your real name.

             5. Great long-term store of value. Rare coins offer a wonderful way to store and preserve wealth long-term. They are also an excellent way to pass wealth to your heirs.

             6. Tax-advantage asset. Rare coins, when held for the long-term, offer you significant tax advantages. Unlike income from interest and dividends which is taxed on a yearly basis, increases in value for your rare coin holdings are not taxed until you actually sell the coin. This is a tremendous advantage as far as your rate of return goes. Instead of whacking you once a year, the government only gets to take its piece when you actually liquidate your coins. And then, your rare coin profits are taxed at the favorable capital gains tax rate.


As you can see, rare coins offer some very significant advantages. The case for participating in the rare coin market is compelling, but you may be asking yourself whom you should participate with. The following significant factors separate us from all other rare coin dealers:

              1. The men behind the company, Van Simmons and David Hall. In the past 20 years, Van Simmons and David Hall have helped to assemble some of the major collections in the world, as well as offering services to investors, historians, banks, and many other individuals and organizations.

              David Hall has been a major force in the rare coin industry for the past 25 years. Today he is considered the most influential man in the rare coin market. In fact, the February 20, 1996 issue of the national trade paper, Numismatic News, calls David Hall “the man who changed the rare coin market forever.”

             Van Simmons is the consummate collector, an energetic entrepreneur, and a dedicated professional in his chosen field of numismatics. Van Simmons’ collecting interests are as varied as they are challenging and interesting. His collections run the gamut from antique golf clubs to firearms, from English pottery to Bowie knives, from American and French art glass to Western Americana, from Indian baskets to Gold Rush memorabilia. Even with this wide range of interests, his number one collecting passion remains rare coins. Since the days of sorting pennies in his native Long Beach, California, home in the 1960s until today, his fascination with the beauty, rarity, and historical significance of coins has never waned.

             All of the major market developments of the past 20 years have originated with David, Van and our firm, including grading guarantees, daily cash buy/sell markets, third party certified grading, and electronic trading networks. Our firm is the leader in innovative ways to better serve clients. When you deal with our firm, you get the very best the rare coin market has to offer and you are dealing with the most influential rare coin firm in the world.

             2. The world’s finest coins. For the past 20 years, David Hall Rare Coins has specialized in Gem quality coins exclusively. We don’t try to be everything to everybody. We deal in top of the line quality rare coins. When you deal with us, you are doing business with a firm that specializes, in fact, consistently leads the marketplace, in the sale of Gem quality coins. We have the expertise and the exposure to help you acquire the very best of the best. And every coin we sell is inspected by Van and David to insure that they meet their personal standards for quality, which for over twenty years have been the strictest and most respected standards in the industry.

             3. We sell PCGS coins exclusively. Our firm only sells coins that have been graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). PCGS is the leading third party grading service. After 14 years of operation, PCGS has graded a total of 6,640,648 coins with a cumulative declared value of $9,292,132,882! That’s more coins than all of the other grading services put together. PCGS is the standard for the industry and the grading service of choice for the rare coin professionals. PCGS coins are worth more than the coins graded by other grading services and they are much more liquid. When you do your rare coin business with David Hall Rare Coin’s, you aren’t sold just whatever we have on hand. We only acquire PCGS graded coins for our clients. Once again, it’s our specific business strategy to help our clients acquire the best of the best.

             4. Ultra competitive prices. Even though we consistently lead the market in sales of Gem quality rare coins, we are a small, low overhead firm. Our prices are always competitive. As an example, check out our tight margins on some of the generic gold coins. Not only do we help you acquire the world’s finest coins, we do it for the best possible price.

             5. Superb service and follow up. We don’t just sell you coins and forget about you. We offer a continuing program of client service including our monthly INSIDE VIEW newsletter, monthly coin listing titled THE VELVET TRAY with analysis by Van, and personal consultation with Van any time you desire.

             6. Financial stability. This firm has been in business since 1977 (David has been buying and selling rare coins since 1961.) Through good markets and bad, we’ve been helping our clients with their rare coin needs. Van and David as a team have had a strong presence in the rare coin market for the last 21 years. In July of 2000 we strengthened that presence by joining the Collectors Universe™ family of companies.


The rare coin market is poised for significant price gains. In fact, those price gains have already begun. The reasons why now is one of the very best times to buy rare coins are:

             1. Prices are near the bottom. After major bull markets in 1970-74, 1976-80, and 1983-89, rare coins went through a significant bear market between 1990 and 1994. The rare coin market moves in definite cycles and every four or five years you get the chance to buy coins at near the bottom of the cycle. You have that chance today.

             2. The stock market could be topping out. Stocks have enjoyed the longest bull market in history. Some smart money investors are starting to become more than a little nervous about of this “smart money” is leaving the stock market holdings. A significant amount of this “smart money” is leaving the stock market and looking for investment alternatives. The rare coin market is starting to get some of this money. It only takes a little increase in demand to move the rare coin market upward.

             3. Supplies of top quality rare coins are paper thin. The bottom of every coin market supply is very thin. Actually, the time when rare coin supplies are at their thinnest is in the 12 to 24 month period following a major bottom period. That’s approximately the scenario we have at this moment. Supplies are so thin that the slightest increase in demand creates immediate upward pressure on rare coin prices.

The rare coin market is ripe and ready to move. In fact, prices are already moving up. This is a market that’s just waiting for an excuse to explode. Any of the following events would be very bullish for rare coins. A move by gold bullion to over $350, a sustained period of sluggish price action in the stock market, or a noticeable increase in the rate of inflation. If any one of the preceding events occur, rare coin prices could immediately take off. If a combination of those events happen, rare coin prices could soar.

Please take the time to read over the enclosed literature. Then give me a call and we’ll discuss the strategy you wish to employ and the top quality rare coins we have available that might fit that strategy. As a way of saying thanks for your interest in our firm, I’m giving you a complimentary three month subscription to David’s newsletter, INSIDE VIEW, as well as to the VELVET TRAY, a detailed listing of our most current high quality United States rare coins.


Van Simmons
President of DHRC

P.S.: Please take a moment to read through our references and you will see many financial writers such as: Richard E. Band, Editor of “Profitable Investing”; Adrian Day, Editor of “Investment Analyst”; Mark Skousen, Editor of “Forecasts and Strategies”; Doug Casey, Editor or “Crisis Investing”; R.E. McMaster, Editor of “The Reaper”; Robert Bishop, Editor of “The Gold Mining Stock Report”; Larry Abraham, Editor of the “Insider Report”; and John Pugsley, Editor of “John Pugsley’s Financial Newsletter,” recommended our firm.

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