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Year/MMDen. ServiceGradePhotoDescriptionPriceNewView Details
1833 H10C
Capped Bust Half Dime
  MS 65 Capped Bust Half Dime
A beautiful original Gem! The surfaces are clean and the strike is razor sharp. The luster is white and iridescent with a bare hint of golden patina.
$2,950 View
1860 H10C
Liberty Seated Half Dime
  MS 66 Liberty Seated Half Dime- Plus Grade
A creamy white Gem! Liberty Seated silver half dimes are great values at current prices. This high end beauty has mark-free surfaces and shimmering original white luster.
$1,950 View
1913-D TYPE 1 5C
Buffalo Nickel
  MS 67 Buffalo Nickel
Super high end Gem! This is the first year of issue for the Buffalo nickel and the Denver and San Francisco Mint issues are rare in Superb Gem condition. This mark-free Gem is fully struck with outstanding luster.
$2,950 View
1913-S TYPE 1 5C
Buffalo Nickel
  MS 66 Buffalo Nickel
Super high end for the grade! Surfaces look perfect to us and the luster is rich and original.
$1,650 View
1859 10C
Liberty Seated Dime
  MS 67 Liberty Seated Dime
A virtually perfect milky white Gem! The pre-1860 stars obverse type Liberty Seated dimes are one of the classic 19th Century silver type coins. This amazing Gem has virtually perfect, mark-free surfaces and gorgeous white original luster.
$6,950 View
1871 10C
Liberty Seated Dime
  PR 65 CAM PC Liberty Seated Dime
A Gem example of an underrated date! The 1871 is quite a bit rarer than the later date Seated dime proofs, yet it sells for a very modest premium. This beauty has deeply mirrored surfaces and pure white Cameo devices.
$1,950 View
1878 10C
Liberty Seated Dime
  PR 65 DCAM PDC Liberty Seated Dime
Finest know Deep Cameo! This amazing Gem is one of only two specimens of this date designated Deep Cameo by PCGS in the past 29 years. The rarity to price ratio is incredible.
$3,450 View
1880 10C
Liberty Seated Dime
  MS 67 Liberty Seated Dime , Secure Plus Holder
A white iridescent Gem and one of the finest known! This is a super low mintage date that's rare in all grades. This is one of only 17 examples graded MS67 by PCGS in the past 28 years...about one every 18 months...and just one lone specimen has been graded higher. The surfaces are mark-free and the luster is pure iridescent white.
$4,250 View
1885 10C
Liberty Seated Dime
  MS 65 Liberty Seated Dime
A gorgeous iridescent, white luster Gem!
$845 View
1885 10C
Liberty Seated Dime
  PR 66 CAM PC Liberty Seated Dime
A deep mirror Cameo Gem! The surfaces are super reflective and the devices are pure white Cameo.
$1,950 View
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