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The finest known for this ultra rarity! The original mintage for this early gold proof was a mere eight coins. Experts disagree slightly as to how many survive...but get this, the disagreement is whether there are four or five survivors in all grades! In other words, this is a true ultra rarity and a major proof gold rarity. And this remarkable specimen is the finest known! PCGS has been grading coins...

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                  Velvet Tray November Issue!

The Fed is now creating over a trillion new dollars a year! Yet our economy continues to be deflationary, a rising dollar and falling gold is deflationary. Like most of us, it doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t feel it can continue. There is an old saying... (read more)

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Recently this market has seen increased activity and some price increases. Rare date Liberty gold remains one of the best values in the rare coin market. The market demand is really focused on rarity and this is one of the current highest potential areas of the coin market. There is good demand for the high grade Philadelphia and San Francisco issues. The Carson City, Charlotte, and Dahlonega issues are in demand as usual. The focus is on...(read more)
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 Aprill 11, 2014 Market Report

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