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A phenomenal Deep Cameo proof! Three dollar gold pieces were not a popular issue and the original mintages for both regular strikes and proofs were very small. Survivors are rare today and highly coveted. This monster cameo has virtually perfect surfaces. The mirrors are so deep you could shave in the reflection, and the devices are thick white Cameo. The eye appeal is off-the-charts fantastic.....

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       The Velvet Tray
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Velvet Tray May 2015

These fantastic coins are currently one of the best buys in the rare coin market. They are truly rare, beautiful, and historically of the highest importance. The problem is there just aren’t many problem free coins to buy. Look at any auction catalog and you’ll see most of the early gold is in PCGS “Genuine” i.e. not gradable, ANACS “net graded” or NCS “conserved” holders. These are all problem coins. The fresh real deal coins are very hard to buy now. This market has been very good for the past 10 or 15 years. But for many issues prices have been relatively...(read more)

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September 22, 2015 Market Report

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